Distributing to Voxa With PublishDrive

Voxa is Romania’s very first subscription mobile reading app for ebooks and audiobooks. And PublishDrive is the first self-publishing platform to help indies reach this brand new market. We’re excited to have our authors and publishers pioneer this new space with us. Here’s what to know below.

Book formats

Voxa lists both ebooks and audiobooks for its users.


Voxa is currently focused on its local territory in Romania. Romania’s ebook market serves over 2M readers, valued at $63M with an annual growth rate of 7%.

Supported languages

Currently English and Romanian languages are supported; however all languages are coming soon.


Voxa accepts genres of all kinds.

Business model

Voxa uses a subscription business model where users pay a subscription fee to access titles.


Royalty reporting

You can access your royalty reports from Voxa under ‘Royalty Payments’ from your PublishDrive dashboard.

  • Royalty reporting happens on a monthly basis
  • Royalty payouts happen on a monthly basis


How to enable Voxa on PublishDrive


When publishing a new book

You will find the option to enable Voxa distribution at the last step of the book upload process. 

After submitting and getting approved, we send out your book(s) immediately.


When enabling Voxa for an existing book

If you’re already distributing to other stores on PublishDrive, there is no action required here. We send your book(s) to Voxa automatically. We’ll start sending out books on November 20th, 2021.


If you do not wish to distribute to Voxa, you can switch off the channel under ‘Books’ in your PublishDrive account or Imprint settings.


Let us know if you have any questions. Happy publishing!