Does PublishDrive withhold tax?

We don't withhold tax within the USA. We might withhold tax for publishers outside the USA: it'll depend on taxation agreements between the United States and your country. (If you don't know what tax withholding is, please check out this article.)

All USA taxpayers will be asked to fill in a W9 online form (for both individuals and companies).

All non-USA authors and publishers will be asked to fill in a W-8BEN (for individuals) or W-8BEN-E (for companies) online form.

We use the Tipalti accounting software for filing W-8BEN and W9 forms: you don't need to send us anything by email. The forms will be available in the system after your first sales report, and they only take 5 minutes to complete.

Click here for help filing your W9 or W-8BEN form.

Tax Identification Number

If you are in a country with a tax treaty with the United States, you need a tax identification number (TIN) to claim a treaty benefit. If you have a tax identification number in your own country, then add that into the W-8 form as foreign tax identification number. This is usually the number that you quote when you file your tax return in your own country. If you’re not sure if you have a tax identification number in your country, please talk to a tax adviser or accountant.

Alternatively, you can apply for an ITIN, a US tax identification number (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). If your country does not have a treaty with the US, it is not necessary to apply for ITIN, as you won't be able to claim a lower tax rate.

Non-US companies without a foreign country ID number can apply for a US Employer Identification Number (EIN). If you are unsure of whether you have a company ID you can use, please talk to a tax adviser or accountant in your country.

Rate of tax withholding

The percentage of withholding could be anything from 0% to 30%. Please check the list below for most likely withholding percentage in most countries. You can always visit the IRS website for more information.

Country Rate of withholding
Australia 5%
Austria no withholding
Bangladesh 10%
Barbados 5%
Belgium no withholding
Bulgaria 5%
Canada no withholding
China 10%
Cyprus no withholding
Czech Republic no withholding
Denmark no withholding
Egypt 15%
Estonia 10%
Finland no withholding
France no withholding
Germany no withholding
Greece no withholding
Hungary 30%
Iceland no withholding
India 15%
Indonesia 10%
Ireland no withholding
Israel 10%
Italy no withholding
Jamaica 10%
Japan no withholding
Kazahstan 10%
Latvia 10%
Lithuania 10%
Luxembourg no withholding
Malta 10%
Mexico 10%
Morocco 10%
Netherlands no withholding
New Zealand 5%
Norway no withholding
Pakistan no withholding
Philippines 15%
Poland 10%
Portugal 10%
Romania 10%
Russia no withholding
Slovak Republic no withholding
Slovenia 5%
South Africa no withholding
South Korea 10%
Spain no withholding
Sri Lanka 10%
Sweden no withholding
Switzerland no withholding
Thailand 5%
Tunisia 15%
Turkey 10%
Ukraine 10%
United Kingdom    no withholding
Venezuela 10%