What is an exclusive copyright document?

During your book's review process, you may receive a notification which requests documentation to confirm the exclusive rights for publishing your book.

This notification is a precautionary measure implemented by our book review team. Its purpose is to ensure a smooth publication process and to avoid any potential legal complications in the future. Sometimes, books may trigger this request due to similarities with existing works by different authors, common subject matter found in PLR (Private Label Rights) publications, or suspicions of content repackaging from freely available online sources.

The document we are requesting is to help the review team work in verifying that the person who uploads a book truly owns the necessary rights.


Here are some examples of acceptable documentation and verification methods, depending on the circumstances, please submit one of the following

  • A letter from your previous publisher, confirming the reversion of rights back to you as the author.
  • A signed copy of the agreement between you and the author of the book.
  • A signed letter from the previous publisher indicating their non-objection to your edition.
  • Documentation demonstrating that the previous publisher holds nonexclusive rights.
  • Documentation proving your ownership of distribution rights and eligibility to collect royalties for this title.
  • A contract between you and a ghostwriter from a reputable company or a verifiable freelancer.
  • An official copyright certificate from the relevant authorities in your country of residence.


Please be aware that there are some types of documentation that we cannot accept for verification purposes:

  • Personal statements from you asserting your publishing rights.
  • Copyright applications without confirmed registration.
  • Contracts lacking signatures from all involved parties or with missing information.
  • Self-written contracts in which one of the parties involved is PublishDrive.
  • Screenshots displaying successful publication on other self-publishing platforms.
  • Photographs of personal identification cards, driver's licenses, etc.
  • Certificates from websites offering 'copyright proof' without background checks.
  • Proof of purchasing an ISBN.
  • The copyright page is taken out of your book.
  • The manuscript of your book.


Copyright in Australia:




How can I upload the requested document?

To upload a document, just go to your book's editing page by clicking on View and Edit under the Books page. Under the Files section, you will see an "Options" button.  By clicking on it, a few more options for file uploading will be revealed. Select that one "Acknowledgement of exclusive copyright" and upload your document in PDF format by clicking anywhere in the rectangle.


Alternatively, you may send it to our Support Team, via this form: https://publishdrive.com/contact-us.html