How much do PublishDrive's services cost?

PublishDrive offers two main services: Distribution and Abacus.


In our Distribution service, we assist authors and publishers in getting their books into global online stores in three formats: ebook, audiobook, and print-on-demand.


Distribution is available through either a monthly or an annual subscription.


The distribution service is priced as follows:


  Starter Standard Plus Pro
Title limit* 1 6 18 48
Monthly subscription fee $16.99/month $24.99/month $49.99/month $99.99/month
Annual subscription fee (billed yearly) $14.19/month $20.99/month $41.99/month $83.99/month

*This represents the maximum number of books that can be actively published in your account, it is not a monthly or annual limit. Each format, such as ebook, audiobook, and print-on-demand, is counted as a separate book due to their distinct technical requirements and sales channels. Drafts and withdrawn books are not included in the title limit. Once you reach the title limit for the Pro plan, you can contact our team to receive a personalized quote for a custom plan.


All our plans include the following features: ebook distribution, basic ebook conversion, fully automated distribution, sales analytics, price promotion scheduling, access to Amazon Advertising, participation in sales events, email support, and imprint management.


Audiobook and print-on-demand distribution, along with in-store featuring opportunities, are available from the Standard plan and upwards.


Account sharing between several users is available from the Plus plan and upwards.


Exclusive features found only in our Pro plan are bulk import, API access, and priority support.


Special features like Team Royalties and professional ebook conversion are available to all our users, but they incur additional costs.



Abacus is a royalty splitting service that allows indie authors and publishers to directly import sales reports from various publishing platforms and calculate royalties for co-authors and other contributors.


The cost of Abacus is $2.99/title/month, billed monthly.


We offer the first title for free forever as part of this service. For large volume uploads, we provide custom pricing.