Latin transcription of the title and the author's name

Some stores (e.g. Gardners, Barnes & Noble and Tolino) prefer to receive a Latin (Roman) transcript of non-Latin titles & author names. They use this information to display the author's name & the title in the store. We call this "transcription" on the platform, but the official name of the process is transliteration or romanization.

If a transcript is required to your book, you'll see an extra field on your book upload dashboard.


Acceptable & not acceptable transcriptions

  • Most languages with non-latin script have their default transliterations, e.g. the Latin script form of Chinese is Pinyin.
  • An English translation of the title instead of a transliterated form is not allowed and won't be accepted.


How can I add the transcription?

You can add the Latin transcription on your book upload page when you add a new title or you can add it even after publishing, by editing your existing book.


If you enter text that is written in a non-Latin script, the field will automatically appear:

Please make sure to add the proper transcription and not the English translation, as you can see below: