My Sales Analytics and Royalty payments pages show different data in the monthly view. Why?

The sales chart and the data you see in your earnings report (Royalty payments page) can often be different: the discrepancy is caused by the fact that not all stores close the month at the same time. While the Sales Analytics tab displays the latest sales, it is possible that some stores have already closed the month (before the actual end of the month) and have forwarded us the report and royalties. You can see all these details in your earnings report. Any royalties that have not been forwarded yet will be sent during the next month, and you will be able to track them in next month's earnings report.

It's important to know that the live sales you see under the Sales Analytics tab are subject to changes and temporary lags, and they only serve an informative purpose. It isn't a complete list and it doesn't take into account when each of the stores forward us the royalties. Payments are always made based on the earnings reports, not the sales chart.