Navigating PublishDrive’s New Sales Analytics Dashboard

We’ve updated the Sales Analytics section under your PublishDrive dashboard. Expect easier navigation and management of your book sales performance. Here’s what to know –



There are 2 main sections to view which you can select from the top header:

  • Sales: page for tracking general book sales
  • Preorder: page for tracking preorder book sales

About the Sales tab

  1. Filters


View your sales performance by filtering to your liking. The default view is set to the last 7 days. Affecting the filters will reload the entire page.

Filters include: Date range, Sales type, Books, Series (hidden if there are none), Countries, Stores, and Book formats.

Some filters may not be available if there are no relevant data (indicated by being greyed out).


A date range should always be selected. We’ll let you know what’s needed:


  1. Key points


After selecting your date range and filters, we show your top 4 key points at the top: total copies sold, refunded copies, estimated earnings, and free downloads.

  1. Charts via 2 main views


  • By copies sold: This main value is shown by default, grouped by stores on a daily basis. Switch to weekly or monthly views. You can also group by series or without any and show only your copies sold.
  • By estimated earnings: The same as copies sold, but by estimated earnings.

  1. Bestselling titles


Further down, view your top titles and series (if any).


  1. Locations


See your sales performance by country.

About the Preorder tab

This will look similar to the Sales tab, except you’ll find information about your preorder performance.


Estimated earnings are not shown here as the info can change depending on the final sales and other situations. Situations like certain stores not reporting any earnings for preorders or cancellations from customers.

Download your data

You can download an Excel file of your entire compiled data by clicking on the Export data button.


If you have any questions, send us a message.