Price promotion tool step by step guide

To run a price promotion you need to have a book in published status.


Go to the Promotions tab and choose the Price promotion under the Advanced promotions.


As you don’t have any price promotion yet, a new form will be opened where you need to provide the data of your first price promotion.

Choose the book within your PublishDrive account you would like to promote.


Add the basic info about your promotion. 

Your promotion will be applied on all stores wherever your title is published already through PublishDrive from the above list. You do not have to worry about price matching, or whether your promo price goes through. With PublishDrive, you can make sure that your titles are discounted on Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google Play Books. 

If you have more promotions running, you can group them into campaigns. This makes it easy to navigate between your promotions and campaigns for your books. 

The basic information you need to add for your promotion:

  • Start and end date
  • New promotion price
  • Optional: Price in different currencies
  • Optional: The media/marketing tactic communicating your price promotion campaign 
  • Optional: budget.

You can optionally add information like: different prices in currencies, why you schedule this price promotion and also, the budget for the price promotion. This will allow PublishDrive to give you more information on return on investment of your campaign and how to maximize the effect of your price promotion.


Once you click to any Finish button your promotion is saved. After save you redirected on your list of price promotions, where you can find the one you just created.


You are free to edit your promotion until 3 days before the start date. Until this day your promotion will remain in draft status. Around 3 days before the start date your promotion goes automatically to scheduled status.

Once your promotion is scheduled you will be unable to edit any information about it. The only “editing” function is the withdrawal/termination. This is an irreversible action, and if you choose this we notify the retailers immediately. Your price will be re-set to the original in 1-2 days.

Once the start date is reached, your promotion switches to Live status and your prices are changed at the stores You can check each store link of the book by clicking on the logo of the store.