Print-on-demand book review process

The review of print-on-demand books now includes new store-specific file requirements and barcode placement. Your book will be approved after the barcode is placed by PublishDrive's review team. If you already have a barcode, we will replace it as well.

On the book upload page, the 'Files' section will calculate and show the expected document sizes in inches for the POD cover and content files:


Below these mandatory file fields, a set of optional upload boxes are present where you can upload custom-sized covers for each print-on-demand store that has a unique cover size requirement - the required document sizes are also calculated for these:


Book approval

After you submit the book for distribution, it goes through an automatic and a manual review. We check for direct store links and freely available content, among other issues. We are also checking if the book is already available in stores where you are trying to publish it. Processing should not take longer than a few business days.

After the review, we will ask for your approval with the generated cover files with the barcode placements. All of these books will be marked with the FILE APPROVE NEEDED status.

Once you click on the Approve button, the book will be automatically sent to stores.

If you see any issue with your generated cover files, please contact our Support Team.