Print-on-demand converter tools

We are happy to introduce our new developments that have arrived to enhance the print-on-demand journey for self-published authors and publishers. Introducing two essential tools at your disposal:

  1. Print Content Converter: Effortlessly transform your EPUB or docx file into a high-quality print-ready PDF.
  2. Print Cover Converter: Craft beautiful print-ready book covers without the hassle of navigating intricate design details.

With this powerful addition to PublishDrive's suite of publishing solutions, you can seamlessly transform your ebooks into high-quality print-ready formats, opening up new opportunities to reach a broader audience and expand your book's presence in the world of print. In this article, we will walk you through the features of our print-on-demand converter tools, making it easier than ever to bring your books to life in print form.


Print-on-demand book upload

When uploading a print-on-demand book, you now have the option to choose from EPUB, docx, or PDF file formats.


Print content converter

Upon uploading an EPUB or docx file, the conversion panel will automatically appear (you can cancel it anytime by closing the window).


On the left side, you'll find a preview of the interior layout, while on the right side, you can input manufacturing details.

For the trim size, we offer recommendations depending on the genre of your book:



You can also select a page number location, with the option to start page numbers from a specific page.

Additionally, you can include a copyright page with the ISBN number or a Table of Contents at the book's end.


Once you've configured the manufacturing data, clicking 'Update print preview' will generate a preview of the print interior, typically within 10-20 seconds, depending on your book's length.


After accepting the print version, the manufacturing data will be copied to the book upload page, and the generated PDF file will be added as the content file.



Print cover converter

For the cover image, you can either upload your own cover file or utilize our new tool.

Clicking the 'Create now' button triggers the appearance of the conversion panel.


On the left, a preview window displays your cover image, while on the right, you can input cover information. The author's name and title will appear as the spine text. You can click on 'update print preview' every time you enter a data to see it reflected on the preview.

You only need to provide the front cover, which you likely already have from your ebook version. Don't worry about low-resolution images; our AI-powered tool can enhance them for print.


You can choose whether you want your cover to fit or fill the front cover trim size. Here's an example of both:

After handling the cover, enter essential manufacturing data, select the font style, and add a description/blurb that will appear on the back of the cover. Choose a back cover color from options based on your front cover image's palette.



Additionally, you can add an optional back cover biography, author image, and a publisher icon to the spine of the book.


Once all fields are filled, clicking 'Update print preview' generates a cover preview. You can refine the details until you achieve the desired look.



Complete the cover generation process by clicking 'Accept print version'. The generated PDF file will serve as your book's cover.