Print-on-demand cover template generator

Figuring out the perfect dimensions for your print-on-demand book cover can be challenging, especially for beginners. To make your life as a self-published author even easier, PulishDrive now has a tool that can help you generate a template in a few easy steps! You can simply give this template to your designer or use it if you are creating the cover image yourself.


To find the tool, go to your PublishDrive dashboard and look for 'Special Services' in the menu on the left. You will see 'POD Cover Template' among the options:


The template generator has a very simple layout:

On the left, you can enter the specifics of your book. On the right side, there is an illustration of the cover, to help with what the dimensions of the cover exactly mean. Under that, the dimensions will be calculated automatically after the required information is entered.

The technical parameters we require are the following:

  • binding type - even though hardcover binding is not yet available on PublishDrive, we are planning on adding this option in the future. Currently, only paperback can be selected.
  • trim size - you can select your book size from a drop-down list. We only included options that are available in PublishDrive's distribution network.
  • interior color - since color adds thickness, we need to know this to calculate the spine width.
  • paper color - different types of paper have different thickness, we also need this for the spine width calculation.
  • number of pages - the number of pages also affects your book's thickness, necessary for spine width calculation.

After all the information is filled out, the 'Download template' button turns blue. By clicking on it, the download will start, and the template will be generated and downloaded to your computer.

Also, when all the fields are filled out, the calculations over the “Download template” button will appear. If you change any of the parameters, the calculation automatically changes to the right numbers.