Royalties: how much will I earn?

How much money will I earn from my books?

If you’re using PD Distribution with a subscription plan, you will earn full store royalty rates. In other words, you’ll receive the same exact royalty rates that you’d receive if you were publishing directly with stores. This page has a full list of each store’s royalty rate.

If you’re using PD Distribution with our legacy Royalty Share* pricing option, our fee is 10% of the book’s list price, and you keep the rest.

NOTE: as of September 9, 2019, Royalty Share pricing is not available for new accounts.

Who decides the price of my book?

Only you. PublishDrive uses the agency model, meaning that the publisher sets the retail price and receives the royalty based on this price. Some channels may have promotions on their own, but those won't hurt the publishers’ revenue.

Please note that some stores might have pricing requirements (e.g., maximum and minimum prices). All these requirements are available on the stores page

In some cases, our review team might suggest a lower price for several possible reasons.

Where can I see royalty rates and more information about stores in my PublishDrive account?

Select ‘Stores and imprints’ under the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

Click on ‘Update stores’.

In this master list of important data, check royalty rates under the ‘Royalty’ column.

You can also see more info about stores by clicking on ‘More info’.