User roles

You can easily add multiple users under your account with different roles.

Add new users under your account

To add a contributor, please go to the menu on the left on your PublishDrive dashboard, click on your name and select 'Users'. Here, you will have the option to invite new users. The new user will receive an email with a personalized sign-up link. You can invite as many contributors as you wish. You decide what role you want to give to the other users.


By default, you are the admin in your own account. Admins have the right to manage books, finances, and invite and remove users from the account. Admins also have the right to edit user roles, for example take admin rights away from somebody. Please make sure to only give people admin rights whom you completely trust.

Admin (light)

A 'light' admin has rights to manage and edit books, company info and financial data, and view imprint and user info. They cannot add new users to the account or edit user info, and they cannot change imprint settings or add new imprints.


Users with accountant rights have access to financial reports and invoices. They cannot change payout info or edit books.

Book management

Users with book management rights can add and edit books within the account. They don't see financial or sales data and cannot withdraw books.