Why choose PublishDrive over Kindle Unlimited?

When it comes to deciding where to publish your ebook, it's essential to consider the broader landscape. While Kindle Unlimited offers visibility on Amazon, the global ebook market extends beyond a single platform. Here's why choosing PublishDrive might be the right move for you:


  • Wider Reach: Opting for Kindle Unlimited means your ebook will exclusively be available on Amazon. While Amazon holds a significant share of the global ebook market, diversifying your distribution can bring in a more extensive readership. Making your work accessible on various devices and in multiple countries can significantly expand your reach.

  • Sales Potential: According to our current sales data, Amazon contributes to 45% of global ebook sales, leaving a substantial 55% happening elsewhere. We strongly recommend considering publishing your ebook in numerous other stores, including Apple Books, Google Play, and emerging subscription-based platforms like Scribd.

  • Enhanced Visibility: The more stores your books are listed in, the greater the potential for improved SEO results and higher Google rankings. Increased visibility can ultimately translate into higher sales figures.

In summary, while Kindle Unlimited offers benefits, embracing a multi-store approach can help you tap into a more extensive and diverse reader base. PublishDrive provides you with the tools and distribution channels to maximize your ebook's reach, ensuring it's available to readers on various platforms, devices, and locations worldwide.


If you choose to publish only on Kindle Unlimited, your ebook will be available only on Amazon.

Amazon’s share of the global ebook market is high, but in the long term, it is worth working with many stores, just to have more feet on the ground. Being available in multiple countries, on multiple devices is definitely worth it.

According to our current sales figures, Amazon contributes 45% of the global ebook sales, while 55% happens elsewhere. We strongly advise you to publish your ebook in many other stores, such as Apple Books or Google Play and on new, subscription-based platforms, such as Scribd.

The more stores your books appear in, the higher your SEO results and Google ranking will be, which can result in higher sales numbers.