Can I set my book's price to free on PublishDrive?

We can distribute free ebooks to most stores, but unfortunately not all. Some of the stores in our network do not offer free ebooks or they give very low prices to free ebooks.

Promoting free ebooks is highly encouraged, either as a time-limited marketing campaign or as an introductory offering for a series.

The landscape for free audiobooks is more complex, as the majority of our store partners don't accommodate them due to their unique business models, such as libraries and subscription services.

For print-on-demand books, it is not possible to offer them for free due to the inherent costs of printing.


How can I set my book's price to free?

There are two ways to do this, one is temporary and the other is permanent (until you change it again).

  1. You can employ our price promotion tool to temporarily alter your book's price. Find more information about this option here. You'll be prompted to specify a date range, and after the designated period, the price will revert to its original setting.

  2. To permanently set your book's price to free, you can edit your book accordingly. Learn more about how you can make modifications even after publication here. With this method, the price will remain fixed until you decide to modify it once again.


Free book pricing option at Amazon

Amazon presents a distinct scenario. Currently, Amazon doesn't accept free submissions from our end. In these cases, free ebooks are automatically sent to Amazon with a price tag of 0.99 USD. However, if your book is available for free in a major store, Amazon might consider matching that price. 

Please be aware that, as of now, we're unable to directly change your book's price to free on Amazon using either of the two above described methods. Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to request a price match for your Amazon listing.