Distributing to Apple Audiobooks With PublishDrive


Apple Books is a global giant in digital book sales. Its Audiobook Store is a popular go-to for audio lovers of all ages. With the books app pre-installed on every Apple device, that’s a pool of literally millions of Apple users to reach with your content.

Apple works with a limited number of trusted partners, even fewer for audio distribution. PublishDrive is an approved aggregator that can easily distribute your audiobook to Apple in no time. Here’s what to know below.

Royalty reporting

Royalty reporting and payment occur on a monthly basis. You can access royalty reports from Apple Audiobooks under ‘Royalty Payments’ from your PublishDrive dashboard

Market reach

North America: United States, Canada

Europe: Austria, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Finland, France, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Greece

Asia-Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Japan

Supported languages

Accepts all languages.


Accepts genres of all kinds.

How to enable Apple Audiobooks on PublishDrive

When publishing a new audiobook

Foremost, check our audiobook requirements to ensure a smooth upload process. We take care of the rest of the formatting for you.

When you’re ready, sign in to your PublishDrive account and click “UPLOAD YOUR BOOK”.

Follow the instructions to set up your audiobook files. At the last step of the upload process, make sure to enable Apple Audiobooks distribution.

Hit “Publish” to submit your audiobook for review. After being approved, we send out your audiobook to Apple right away.

When enabling Apple Audiobooks for an existing audiobook

If you’re already distributing your audiobook to other stores with PublishDrive, we require no additional action from you. We send your audiobook(s) to Apple automatically.


If you do not wish to distribute to Apple Audiobooks, switch off the channel under ‘Books’ from your PublishDrive account or Imprint settings.


Let us know if you have any questions. Happy publishing!