Ebook marketing and its secret sauce

If your ebooks are out in different stores, it is not a guarantee your readers can find them. Build your ebook marketing strategy and increase your sales.

Book promotion is a competitive area and results may depend on many factors. But if you are trying out the followings, you may find what works the best for your authors and/or ebooks:

  1. Use your metadata

Metadata is the key in automated book promotion. Build your own keywords, chose the right category for your book to make sure, intelligent recommendation platforms will find your book and make relevant connections between other books to reach the readers you want. In PublishDrive you are able to save keywords, special target groups as well, so do not forget to use your metadata wisely!

Read more about using your metadata to increase sales here.

  1. The power of bloggers

Reach out bloggers to write reviews about your book. Of course, it requires some previous research in the blogger world of the category your books are. However, it is worth the effort because they can give you unscalable, relevant and human-written reviews for your book. Use the influential factor they may have and build relationships with bloggers. You can easily send protected review copies to your bloggers. 

  1. Build your author page on Goodreads.com/Facebook/Twitter/ Instagram

Readers love to communicate with their favorite writers on social media. If you are a publishing company, you have to cooperate with your author regarding social media, and if you are an author, you have to build it from scratch on your own. It seems to be hard work, but you can see the difference: engaged readers may buy from you not just books, but any kind of merchandising materials later on.

  1. Register your book on Goodreads.com

Goodreads is the social platform for ebooks. With Goodreads readers are able to find new books and get more engaged with their favourite authors/books. Do not miss your chance to get discovered by new readers!

  1. Collect reviews

If you already have a fan base, you are already in contact with them. Encourage your readers with small contests to write reviews or spread the word from your book, so more people will know about the book and can make easier decision whether they would read it.

  1. Share your book on Twitter/Facebook

Great job that you already have followers on social media platforms! Make sure that they know the news about you and your book, especially if your book is available in a new store. If they know it can be bought in more places, they will take a look at the options and will chose the best one for them based on their devices, country etc.

  1. Quote your ebooks every day on different platforms

Readers love short and easily understandable quotes from books what they can share with friends or family. Use the power of social media to get these short quotes to more people by simply posting or tweeting them. You can create funny/beautiful gifs or memes from them, so your fans can engage not just with your words, but with your creative material and pictures too.

  1. Build your own email list

Email is the cheapest solution to market your books, however, you need information about your readers: their email addresses. You can collect their emails via various ways: 1) you build your own website where you let them sign up for email updates, 2) you organize contests where they have to give you their email address, 3) you generate a page into the book where you collect their email address with a simple web page link, 4) you build your own webstore, 5) you run paid campaigns on social media to collect their emails.

If you already have an email base use one of the top emailing softwares such as MailChimp or Sendgrid to contact them with your own designed email newsletters where you can have different groups for your readers based on the behavior. You can provide your previous buyers coupons, you can organize webinars, online book releases via email. Even more, you can measure the effectiveness of your email marketing in the software itself with different statistics, so you will know if there is a rewording needed for your email.
  1. Let your readers ‘write’ your story

This is more like a creative part of your marketing efforts. If you release a second or third part of a series, you may ask your readers during the creation and writing phase about their experiences and let them vision what could happen. You can either run a contest for the best resolution in a book or you can run a contest to write the best annotation for your book. Anything which makes them more involved in the book creation process could end up in terrific results, it may worth give a chance.

  1. Use paid online advertising such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads etc.

If you have a budget for advertising, use online advertising with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, but make sure to run experiments before you spend thousands of dollars for advertising. First you have to conduct a keyword research, then build your creatives and set your target market as precise as you can. In the beginning, you have to test and measure what works for your users, so start with 4-5 different ads at the same time with A/B testing and try to find out what works and what does not.

Google Adwords helps you be found by your potential customers when they are searching for something you can offer. Facebook Ads is more suitable for showing your potential customers what you offer and encourage them to engage. You can run both marketing channels simultaneously, however managing too many channels at the same time can result in a lot of money and time spent ineffectively.

For that the best way is to hire a professional, however they will charge for setting up and managing the account on top of the advertising costs.