How can I switch books to PublishDrive from other platforms?

In the landscape of digital publishing, authors and publishers often find themselves seeking efficient ways to manage their distribution. If you're looking to centralize your ebook, audio and print distribution and explore new avenues for reaching a wider audience, moving your books to PublishDrive from other platforms is a strategic move worth considering. In this guide, we'll walk you through the seamless process of migrating your titles to PublishDrive, unlocking the potential for increased visibility, sales, and success in the world of digital publishing.

Why is it a good idea to switch to PublishDrive distribution?

  • Better royalty management: Understanding the financial implications is crucial when switching to an aggregator. Most aggregators take a commission, often around 10%, for their services.

    PublishDrive works on a flat fee model, which allows you to keep all your net royalties. If you co-author, you can use Abacus for splitting royalties, making collaborations hassle-free.

  • Increased distribution opportunities: PublishDrive boasts an extensive network of distribution partners, including major online retailers, libraries, and platforms across the globe. When you switch to PublishDrive, your books instantly gain access to a wider international audience, saving you the time and effort of individually managing each distribution channel. Notably, PublishDrive is currently the sole aggregator capable of reaching audiences in China, unlocking a vast readership in this thriving literary market.
  • Access to analytics: For authors who thrive on data-driven insights, having comprehensive analytics is absolutely crucial. When distributing your books directly through retailers, you typically only have access to sales data specific to that particular retailer.

    However, the landscape changes significantly when you transition to an aggregator. With an aggregator like PublishDrive, you gain the advantage of accessing analytics that span all your sales channels.
    PublishDrive goes a step further by providing real-time analytics, offering you a convenient, at-a-glance view of your sales performance across an array of global stores. These robust analytical features play an indispensable role in effectively managing your author business.

  • Marketing tools for book promotion: Marketing can often pose a significant challenge for self-published authors. Aggregators like PublishDrive are equipped with built-in promotional tools designed to help you get your books the visibility they deserve. 
    Through the Promotions tab from PublishDrive’s dashboard, you can:
    • set up price promotions across various online stores
    • distribute free review copies via Apple Books and Google Play Books
    • set up Amazon Ads
    • take advantage of Sales Events hosted by various retailers
    • secure coveted spots for your books in partner newsletters
    • promote your books on promotion sites from Written Word Media


How to switch to PublishDrive distribution?

Step 1: Withdraw your books directly from retailers

Begin by removing your books from sale on all retailers where you currently distribute directly. It's important to note that each retailer operates on its own timeline for withdrawing titles. Here's what you can generally expect from some major retailers:

Amazon: up to 48 hours
Apple Books: up to 48 hours
Google Play Books: up to 48 hours
Kobo: 3-5 business days
Barnes and Noble: 5-7 business days

Should your books remain available for purchase beyond these timeframes, don't hesitate to reach out to the respective store's support team for assistance.

Important! Before withdrawing your book from platforms like Kobo or Barnes & Noble, make sure to save the buy link (store page URL) if you intend to transfer your existing reviews. Our Support Team might need this information to restore your reviews.


Step 2: Unpublish any books distributed through other aggregators

Before you upload your titles to PublishDrive, it's crucial to ensure they are no longer distributed through other aggregators. To accomplish this, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Log in to your account with the current aggregator.
  2. Access your dashboard and locate the titles you intend to migrate to PublishDrive.
  3. Remove the books from sale.

After taking these actions, keep an eye on the status of your books. If they remain live and available for purchase after approximately a week has passed, it's advisable to proactively reach out to the support team of your current aggregator for further assistance.


Step 3: Get back on the market with PublishDrive

Once you've ensured that your books are no longer available through other retailers or aggregators, you're all set to embark on your journey with PublishDrive.

  1. Begin by signing up for an account on PublishDrive.
  2. Follow the simple steps to complete the book upload process. If you have an extensive backlist, take advantage of our convenient bulk import option, which enables you to upload multiple titles simultaneously.

As soon as you hit the "Publish" button, our dedicated team swings into action, expediting the process to make your books live for readers as quickly as possible.


Keep your reviews & ratings

In self-publishing, most book sales happen online, where reader reviews wield significant influence over a book's sales trajectory. Getting these reviews is crucial, and so is keeping them for your ongoing success.

You can keep your reviews for ebooks published on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Before you withdraw your books from sale, contact our Support Team to let us know you’re in the process of moving your titles to PublishDrive, and your wish to keep your reviews.

Amazon: Save your original ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) before taking any action. Once your book is re-published on Amazon via PublishDrive, share this ASIN with our Support Team. This will enable us to restore your reviews.

Kobo: Be sure to save your previous buy link (store page URL) before unpublishing your book. Send this and the book's ISBN to our Support Team after your book is re-published on Kobo via PublishDrive so we can get your reviews restored.

Barnes & Noble: Be sure to save your previous buy link (store page URL) before unpublishing your book. Send this and the book's ISBN to our Support Team after the book is re-published on Barnes & Noble via PublishDrive so we can get your reviews restored.


Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to transfer the reviews of a book previously published on Apple Books?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to migrate reviews on Apple Books. However, through Apple Encoding House, you can manage your existing Apple Books account directly from your PublishDrive dashboard which also allows you to keep your reviews. You can read more about this option here.


Will the link to my book change if I withdraw it from direct distribution and re-publish through PublishDrive?

Yes, the buy link will change. If you've used universal links, URLs within your book, or on your author page, be sure to update them with the new link.


Do I need a new ISBN to re-publish my book through PublishDrive?

For ebooks and audiobooks, you can reuse your previous ISBN without any issues. However, for print-on-demand distribution, a new ISBN is necessary if your book was previously published on Amazon or within Ingram's network.


Can I transfer the reviews of my audiobook or print-on-demand book if I re-publish it through PublishDrive?

Unfortunately, the transfer of reviews is only possible for ebooks, and only in a few select stores.