How will I get paid?

We won't ask you for any sensitive information (banking details or legal info) until you have received your first sales report. Once you have received your sales report, you will have until the 15th of next month to complete your legal and payment info and file your tax form.

You only have to do this once, before the first payment.

You'll be able to enter your billing data, payout details and tax information on the left menuSet up → My account → Payout settings. 

Please note that PublishDrive is not fulfilling royalties in case any of our store partners are late with their delivery of the royalties. In these cases, the payout will take place in the month when we receive the royalties from the store.


Enter your billing address associated with your bank account. The address you enter here will also be used to determine the location of your bank. You can select the location of your bank at the bottom of the Address page.

If your bank is in a different country than your billing address (if you are using Payoneer), click Select to be paid in a different country than the above. If you have already entered your billing address, you have to click Edit at the bottom of the page before you can select this option. Select the country of your bank here, and you can enter your bank details on the following page.

Payment methods

Depending on your location, we can use wire transfer (via Wise), local bank transfer, check, PayPal or intercash. These methods vary in speed and charges. If you are using Payoneer, you can get paid to your Payoneer account.

All PayPal and check payments are made in USD. Supported currencies for wire transfer and local bank transfer vary per country: please check this website for detailed information. It has a list of supported payment methods and currencies per country.

You can select your preferred payment method under My account / Legal and payment info / Payment method. You can change or edit your preferred payment method and payout details at any time.

Transaction charges

You can always see the associated charges (transaction fee and currency conversion fee) when selecting the payment method. If the transaction fees are too high, try another payment method.

Pause payouts

To 'pause' royalties for a few months (if you are changing banks, for example), select Hold my payments under payment method.




To learn about managing your payment threshold, read this article.

Read this article for help with the tax forms.