Pricing options


What is the difference between the subscription plans for PD Distribution?

The subscription plans for Distribution are tiered, making them perfect for authors and publishers of every level. You can see a full breakdown of the plans here.

Do you offer a standard royalty share pricing option?

As of September 9, 2019, we no longer offer Royalty Share pricing for new accounts. However, PD Authors who selected this plan when it was available and have at least one book distributed can continue to use Royalty Share pricing.

How much will it cost to distribute more than 48 books? 

If you’d like to distribute more than 48 books, we will calculate a custom monthly fee for you. Please fill out the form here as detailed as possible so that we can give you a personalized price.



Can I switch plans? If so, how?

Of course! You can change plans anytime. Go to “My account” > “Legal and payment info” > “Plans” tab.

Or click here:

NOTE: If you’re currently using a legacy pricing option (such as the Royalty Share or Subscription Pricing options that were available before September 9, 2019), you can also switch to another plan. However, you will not be able to revert back to a legacy pricing option.

When can I switch plans?

You can switch anytime, there are no restrictions.

How many times can I switch?

You can switch as many times as you want, but keep in mind the switch date policies mentioned above. You will be able to track your history of switching on the platform.

NOTE: If you switch from Royalty Share (legacy pricing option) to a subscription plan, it will also go into effect immediately, meaning that your royalties will be calculated with the subscription royalty rates in the given month.

Will the change affect my books?

Your books won’t change, but some subscription plans offer access to a wider distribution network, promotional tools, and other services. You can find a full breakdown of the subscription plans and their features here.

How can I switch my books from different aggregators/from my direct account?

You can read more about this here.



How do I pay for PD Distribution?

Subscription plans:

Your credit/debit card or PayPal account will be charged immediately when you switch to a subscription plan, or when your paid subscription starts. Your payment will be recurring, so each month your fee will be charged on the same day. Fixed fee payments are non-refundable. We use the Braintree payment system for this. 

How can I change the payment method?

To change your payment method for a subscription plan, go to the menu on the left on your dashboard → Set up → My account → Payout settings. 

What if I do not pay you?

If we do not receive payment from your credit card provider or if your credit card expires or gets rejected, you agree to pay all amounts due upon demand. Following any such non-payment, we may require you to provide a valid credit card before continuing to use the Services. We may decide to terminate the service provided to you.

If you do not pay the fee, we are eligible to deduct the subscription fee from your royalties and/or keep your books on sale until we cover the subscription fee. Please view the Terms and Conditions (section 20) for PD Distribution in your dashboard to read our full policy.

How can I get a refund?

Your subscription payment is non-refundable. If you receive any gift credits, they are non-refundable, and they cannot be exchanged for other purposes.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription anytime, but it will take into effect in the following calendar month. You can withdraw your titles at any time without prior notice. Let us know if you need to delete your account.



What will happen to my (Amazon) reviews if I switch my pricing plan?

Nothing, the switch does not affect your Amazon reviews.

Can I keep my Amazon reviews if I go to Amazon via PublishDrive?

Yes! Your Amazon reviews can be transferred easily. To transfer reviews from Amazon or any other stores, please contact us.

Can I use the same marketing features that are available to me when publishing directly to stores?

Yes, you can use the same marketing features, and much more! Read about our current promotional tools here.

Can I use Amazon Advertising (previously called AMS) with PublishDrive?

Yes, PublishDrive has a built-in Amazon advertising tool where you can create Sponsored Products ads. You can read more about it here.