Professional EPUB conversion service

It can be quite challenging to create an EPUB version of your book, especially if you are new to the world of ebook publishing. Ebooks are a lot more complex than Word documents or PDFs as they contain HTML and CSS code. They don't just need to look good; they also need to be correct on the code level - this is what we call a valid EPUB.

Maybe you used a free EPUB converter online and when you uploaded your book on PublishDrive, you received feedback from our review team that the file was invalid. This happens often because most online EPUB converters are not designed to comply with international EPUB standards or adhere to store requirements. We need to keep all of the above in mind so we can make sure your book is accepted by all your selected stores.

If free online converters did not work for you, we recommend using PublishDrive's converter tool. Just make sure you read our formatting guidelines beforehand! 

However, all free converters have their limitations. When it comes to creating a beautiful and reader-friendly EPUB that actually works, there are things that simply cannot be done in an automated way and need a human touch.

For example, the following types of books cannot be converted into an EPUB with a free converter:

  • books with complex formatting (like magazines, textbooks, art books, etc.)
  • books that contain a lot of images (there isn't a strict guideline here as to what counts as a lot, but you will see if your images don't look good or are not in the right places after conversion)
  • books that contain tables
  • books written in non-Latin scripts often need to be converted by a professional because they require special coding
  • books that consist entirely of images (like children's picture books, photo books, etc.)
  • if you want a fixed layout ebook (our conversion tool will only create a reflowable one), however, your book can only be fixed layout if there is a good reason for it to not be reflowable

In these cases, we recommend hiring an EPUB conversion specialist. You can also do it if your publication is simple, but you just don't want to spend time formatting the manuscript or learning through trial and error.

You can find specialists on sites like Fiverr and Upwork, but keep in mind that these freelancers might not be aware of all store guidelines and there is a chance your book will still not be accepted. PublishDrive works with professionals who can, for a fee, help create a perfect EPUB from literally any source material. They are also up to date about what all our store partners require, so if you order a conversion through us, we can guarantee your book will be accepted (if there are no other limitations, like language, genre, etc.).

To inquire about a professional conversion, all you have to do is reach out to our Support Team.

Here are the steps of a professional conversion through PublishDrive:

  1. Contact our Support Team and let them know you're interested in ordering a conversion. If you send them your book files in all available formats at this point, it can make the whole process much quicker. We need the full files so our specialists can give you a quote based on length, formatting and complexity.
  2. When we have the quote, our support agents will let you know. You can either accept or reject this quote. If you reject, you will need to find a different way to convert your book.
  3. If you accept, we will ask for your billing address, preferred payment method and preferred currency.
  4. Based on the above information, we will create an invoice for you. After receiving it, please pay for the conversion as soon as possible. We only start the conversion after the payment arrives.
  5. After the conversion is paid, all you need to do is sit back and wait patiently. Our specialists are working hard to create a perfect EPUB for you! Usually, it will take 1-2 weeks for the conversion to be ready, but it depends a lot on how complex and long your book is and if there are any other conversions before you in our queue. We ask for your kind understanding.
  6. When you receive the finished files, please check them and let us know if you notice any problems or if you'd like to change anything. Any corrections that result from our specialists' mistakes are free, of course. If you want to make any big changes that were not discussed upfront, there might be additional fees.

Note: we can also create print-on-demand compatible PDF files for you! The process is the same, please reach out to our Support Team if you're interested.