I don't have an epub. What can I do?

We convert any .docx to EPUB for free, as part of the book review & approval process.

Simply log in to the platform, click "Add book", and drag & drop your .docx file to the corresponding field.

We'll convert your book as part of the book approval process.

For the best results, please prepare your manuscript according to these guidelines before submitting it.

If we have any questions or concerns regarding the manuscript you submitted, we'll contact you via email as usual.

I have a .doc file

If you have a .doc file, simply open your file with Word, click "Save as", and save it as a .docx. You'll then be able to upload it.

I have a PDF file

Pdf files cannot easily be converted into an industry standard EPUB, so we don't offer free conversion from PDF. If you have a PDF file, we recommend that you turn it into a .docx file & edit it before conversion. Alternatively, we offer a professional conversion service from pdf.

I have a complex publication

If you have a complex publication (e.g. a textbook or a magazine), the conversion magic might not produce the best results. If you're in doubt, you can always message our support team, or order professional conversion.

I have an EPUB, but it's not accepted

Once uploaded, all books have to pass an automatic ebook validation process to ensure quality. You can read more about ebook validation here.

We try to fix invalid ebooks back-end, but it might slow down your book's publication. To ensure that your book gets processed quickly, please follow the steps in the manuscript preparation guide to create an error-free book.

Publishers with complex publications might require conversion by a professional.