When can I expect my earnings?

PublishDrive compiles sales reports around the 10th of the month 2 months after the sales, with the deadline of payment being the end of the same month. For example, sales made during May will be reported around 10th of July and paid until the end of July.

There are some stores that are an exception to this rule. For example, Amazon and Ingram print-on-demand sales have a 4-month payment cycle. This means that if you sold a copy of your book in January, you would receive your royalties in May.

If you want to review the payout terms for all our store partners, you can find them here. Please note that only users logged into PublishDrive will be able to view this page.


We will ask you to fill in your legal and payment details after the first sales report has been prepared. You can set a payment threshold that is the most suitable for you.

Once you have received your sales report, you have until the 15th* of next month to fill in your billing, payment and tax details, if this is your first payment. You can find help here.


* In December the deadline is the 13th.